Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Democrats “LOVE” Unions…But Stop Campaign Workers from Organizing

The IG Report Proves Corruption Rampant in Comey and McCabe’s FBI

Starbucks Boycott Coming After Employee’s Racism Caught on Tape

James Comey Says Obama Jeopardized DOJ Credibility

The End of The World? Again? For The Second Time This Week? YUP.

Should Comey be Prosecuted or Hailed as Hero?

Another Celebrity Threatens to Leave US

Why Didn’t Mueller Recuse Himself Instead of Sessions?

Hillary Says Top Black Racist in Congress Will Save America From Racism

Rest in Peace R. Lee Ermey, and Barbara Bush Prepares to say Goodbye

Was Cohen Raid Attempt to Bait Trump into Firing Mueller?

California Voters May Get to Vote on Splitting into 3 States

With the Speaker of the House – Let’s Shake Things Up this Time Around

Number of People Using Food Stamps Dropped Dramatically in January

President Trump Denounces Russia in Address to the Nation

Trump Lawyer says Mueller is Wrong, He’s Never been to Prague

Have We Let The Government Go Too Far?

Finally! A Company That ISN’T Discriminating Against Gun Owners!

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