Friday, April 20, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, April 20, 2018

LOCK HER UP! Congress Takes HUGE Step in Hillary Hullaballoo

The Bill of Rights is Missing an Amendment 

Secret, Silent Conservatives Skew Commie-Fornia Deportation Polling

Totalitarian Liberals Use Children to Enable Victim Disarmament

Guess What? A Lot of Californians Agree with Trump on Immigration

Bombshell: Proof that the Tech Giants are Censoring Conservative Speech

Haley and Pence in 2020?

Is FBI & DOJ Still Protecting James Comey from Prosecution?

The Bill of Rights is Missing an Amendment 

Desperate Dem Governor Vows to Grant Voting Rights to Paroled Felons

BREAKING: House GOP Formally Call for Investigation of Comey, McCabe, Lynch & Clinton

Government Employee Berates Military Veteran, Tickets Store for Flying Military Flags!

Piers Morgan says James Comey ‘Can’t be Trusted’

Clinton Ally Begs – Stop Using Criminal Processes to Attack Politicians You Don’t Like!

Pittsburgh Police Told to Have Riot Gear Handy if Trump Fires Mueller

Should Caravan of Illegal Aliens Be Granted Asylum in US?

After Supreme Court Fails on Deportation Law, Trump Urges Congress to Fix Law

Some States Move to Display National Motto in Schools and Government Buildings

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