Saturday, April 21, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, April 21, 2018

Secret, Silent Conservatives Skew Commie-Fornia Deportation Polling

COMEY MEMOS COMING! Could Put Kibosh on Kooky Russia Probe

Did Hillary Reveal Illuminati Influence After Losing 2016 Election?

This Headline Shows the Irony of our Taxes Funding Planned Parenthood

Democrat IT Team from Pakistan Gave Classified Intelligence to the Pakistani Government

CNN Analyst: Comey ‘Feckless’ and ‘Political’

New York Attorney General Moves to Prevent Trump from Stopping Prosecution

Piers Morgan says James Comey ‘Can’t be Trusted’

Climate Change Chill? Chicago and Detroit Break Century-Plus Long Records

Do People Exchange God For Big Government? Study Says Yes!

The Role of Government and How Progressives Really See Themselves!

Comey Admits Trump-Russia Connection ‘Unlikely,’ Could Testify Against McCabe

Should Caravan of Illegal Aliens Be Granted Asylum in US?

BREAKING: Obama, Holder & Lynch Under Investigation

Nearly 60% of Californians Want More Deportation of Illegals

James Comey vs. Andrew McCabe

Is Comey Afraid of the Clintons?

Gun Control Bills Stall in Delaware Legislature

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