Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, April 22, 2018

Another Dred Decision By A Lower Court

Snowflake Protesters Complain of Being Traumatized by Consequences

Climate Change Chill? Chicago and Detroit Break Century-Plus Long Records

Comey Admits Trump-Russia Connection ‘Unlikely,’ Could Testify Against McCabe

Is Diversity Driving Decline In The White Population?

The Friar who Strayed Away towards Islam

BREAKING: Obama, Holder & Lynch Under Investigation

Did Comey Brief Donald Trump on ‘Peegate’ knowing It Would Be Leaked to the Media?

Comey Memos Released, Nation Shrugs

Comey Memos Show Concern about Trump, but Not about Deep State

How Washington Corrupts – with Food!

Gun Control Bills Stall in Delaware Legislature

His Holiness, Comey The Great

James Comey vs. Andrew McCabe

The Left is Getting Worse by the Hour!

The Hero of Israel’s 1948 Rebirth was an American

Gun Control Advocates Don’t Want Voters to Vote on Gun Control

Elon Musk – Production Hell or Party Balloons? Pick One.

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