Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, April 24, 2018

California AB 2943: a dangerous bill, cloaked in the guise of protection and kindness

VIDEO: Guy Does THIS To His Yeti Cooler!

Police Manipulate Dead Man’s Cadaver In Order To Collect Data

The Right Man for the Job

Rapper Kanye West Defends Conservative Free Thinkers, Liberals Explode in Anger

NHS Doctor Blows Whistle on Sex Change Drugs and Children

Even Anti-Trump Conservatives Agree, Comey is the Worst

Hero Disarms Waffle House Shooter after Government Fails To

Op-Ed Claiming Plenty of Political Diversity in Mainstream Media Proves Opposite

The Side of Immigration Nobody Is Talking About

GQ Magazine calls the Bible One of the ‘Most Overrated’ Books Ever

Another Gun Free Zone Targeted by Shooter

Trump Digs In to Make DNC Regret Lawsuit

Ventura Murder – Gun Control & Racist Hypocrisy

California Now Openly Attacking Religious Freedom

The Deep State is Dug In, How do we Expose them?

Spokane Second Amendment Supporters Organizing ENORMOUS Rally

The Progressive Socialist State of California

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