Saturday, April 28, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, April 28, 2018

Trump Achievements Expand Criticisms of Obama’s Sham Nobel Prize

Liberal Segregationists Get Huge Win in New York City Court!

POTUS-Yeezy Bromance Has Don Lemon on The Verge of Tears

MSNBC Leftist Mocks Homosexuals, Liberal Media Silent

Mike Pompeo’s Fate Decided! Washington D.C. Up in Arms!

University Liberals Use Violence to Silence American Traditionalists

Southern California College: ‘Dismantle Whiteness’ on This Campus

A Congressional Investigation Can Impoverish Everyone… Even Witnesses

House Intel Committee Drops BOMBSHELL On Russian Collusion Case

Bringing Back the Closet Is the Only Solution to Homofascism

New York Times “Apologizes” for its Support of Palestinian Terrorism

Popular Muslim TV Host Calls for Jews to be Expelled from Israel

President Trump Puts Iran on Notice – ‘They will Pay a Price like Few Countries have ever Paid’

Are Alaskans Really Changing Views on Gun Control?

Hillary Clinton is Still Making Excuses for being a Loser

Senate Banking Chairman Calls out Banks for Abandoning Firearms Companies

How Conservatives and Liberals Can Rid themselves of their Radicals

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Reveal More Collusion

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