Sunday, April 29, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, April 29, 2018

Republican Says GOP Mass Retirement Is Due to Fear of Assassination

High School Cheerleading Coach Caught Shooting Up…AT SCHOOL

President Trump says Kanye West has ‘Good Taste’

Warrantless DNA Grab Used to Nab Serial Killer is Truly Frightful

Repeating Radio Signals From Deep, DEEP Space Have Been Discovered

Trump Promises Iran: ‘They will Pay a Price like Few Countries have ever Paid’

House Intel Committee Drops BOMBSHELL On Russian Collusion Case

Bromance Blossoms between Presidents Trump and Macron?

GOP Congressional Baseball Team has First Practice Since Alexandria Shooting

James Clapper Lied but because He’s Not on Team Trump No One Cares! [VIDEO}

Clapper Lied to Congress for Obama

Trump Tweets Russia Witch Hunt ‘Must End Now’

Popular Muslim TV Host Calls for Jews to be Expelled from Israel

The “Deep State” is Frantically Trying to Avoid Exposure of its Anti-American Agenda!

Are Alaskans Really Changing Views on Gun Control?

“Sex Ed Sit Out” Parents’ Protest is a Great Start

Hillary Clinton is Still Making Excuses for being a Loser

Senate Banking Chairman Calls out Banks for Abandoning Firearms Companies

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