Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Video Podcast: A Personal Experience with Illegal Immigration

Allegations of Bribes & Kickbacks Swirling Around Iran Nuke Deal

Liberal Media Network Launches Desperation Tour to Regain Lost Audience

You’ll Never Believe Who Lived Next Door to Comey’s Leaker

The Palestinian Protests Misnomer

The United Nations Hates Israel – Here’s the Proof

Don’t Equate Real Slavery with Snowflake Oppression

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit for Right Kill Unborn Babies with Heart Beat

800 Women to Get Free Firearms Training

Is the Mueller Investigation Covering Up a Russian Oligarch?

Marijuana: to Legalize or Not?

GOP Governor Breaks Promise – Won’t Sign Constitutional Carry Bill

Whoopi Goldberg’s Anti-Trump Stupidity

Gun Grab Group Calls for Gestapo-Style Invasive Home Searches!

No, Trump Does NOT Back the DOJ Disobeying a Congressional Subpoena!

Obama’s Legacy Comes to an ‘End’

Though Persecuted, Christians and Patriots are Standing

Did you Miss the Rapture?

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