Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hillary Emails Offered to Trump 2016 Campaign by GOV’T AGENCY!

Gun Free London Sees 44% Increase in Murders

Windows Update Killing Thousands of Computers

Netflix Inks Deal with Obamas

No Trade War with China Despite What “Experts” Warned

Sickle, Hammer, and Iron Cross Strike in Texas

Public School Forces Students to Profess Faith in Islam!

Meghan McCain Drops Second AmendmentTruth Bombs on The View

School and Gun Safety

Democratic Senator Admits Legislation Alone Won’t Stop School Shootings

Media Uses Flawed Anti-Trump Poll to say Americans ‘Miss’ Obama

Nancy Pelosi’s Bizarre Behavior Gets Weirder

FISA Abuse Investigation Will Now Include FBI Assets Spying on Trump Campaign

Obamagate is Worse than Watergate

The Delusional World of Liberalism

Viewers Send Stern Message to Overly-Political Billboard Awards

Media Vilifying Texas Lt. Gov. for Speaking Obvious Truth About School Shooting

Shades of the USSR: Intelligence Community Spying on Politicians?

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