Thursday, May 31, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, May 31, 2018

CNN’s Fight Against “Fake News” Has Their Ratings IMPLODING

Benghazi Survivor Puts Anti-Gun Student Hogg in His Place

Nation’s Largest Catholic University Pushes Legalization of Prostitution

Why Do Illegals Try to Change America to be Like the Places They Escaped From?

Can Free Speech on College Campuses be Saved?

It’s Called The Deep State

Former Planned Parenthood President just said something Crazy… and Terrifying!

Chicago’s Memorial Day Weekend Numbers Are In, And It Is UGLY

Is England On Its Deathbed?

The Liberal Left’s Prized Hogg Instructs His Followers ‘Die’ At Trump Hotel

Media Bias ain’t Brain Surgery

TSA Compiling Secret Watchlist of Resisters

Stop the Hot Air!

Liberals REALLY Hate Neil Gorsuch!

Disgusting “Active Shooter” Video Game Has EVERYONE Outraged!

Democrat Cover-Up of IT Scandal Tries to Hide Many Crimes

All Too Obvious

Ivanka Unfairly Attacked by Leftists

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