Saturday, May 5, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cohen’s Phone Tapped By Feds! Republicans Repulsed by Revelation!

Clinton Says She Lost Because She’s a Capitalist Not a Socialist

Second Fake Trump Dossier Leads to Proof Clinton & DNC Colluded with Russia on 2016 Election

Comey had Secret FBI Paid Leaker

Top Nationally Recognized Economist Says Trump’s Policies Better On Economy Than Expected

Obama Responsible for String of Military Plane Crashes

Obama State Dept. Used Taxpayer Money to Influence Israeli Election

Paul Ryan Gives Up on Firing Chaplain

Hannity Talks with Giuliani about Clinton, Mueller, and Trump

Conservative Leaders Stand Up Against Online Censorship

California Democrats GOES THERE! Tells Congress to Ban All…

Real Descendant of Pocahontas Demands that Senator Elizabeth Warren take a DNA Test

Comey Weighs in On 2nd Amendment, Utters Predictable Gibberish

Don’t trust Kanye West

The Justice Department Refuses to Tell Congress what Mueller is Investigating

Democrats are No Help

It’s time for all Teachers to be able to afford a great day

Homeschoolers Defeat Intrusive Bill in California

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