Monday, June 11, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, June 11, 2018

Then the Children Are Free

‘Gary The Gun’ Live Stream Teaching Democrats About Gun Safety 24/7

Democrat Foot-Dragging Forces McConnell to Cancel Senate Recess

Obama’s Legacy, a Visceral Hatred for America, Has Gone Viral!

More Trouble For MSNBC As They Mercilessly Mock Melania and Ivanka

Ban Memes? Why? Because the Left Can’t Meme!

Republican Candidate for Governor of California: It wasn’t Trump who Destroyed California

Dems Propose National Gun Licensing

‘We’re Number Two, We’re Number Two!’

Supreme Court Rules on Religious Liberty

Ocean’s 8: Women’s Empowerment or Another Failed Reboot?

1 Governor’s Efforts to Destroy America

State Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun Control Ordinance

Food Network’s Sandra Lee Argues that Christians should be 2nd Class Citizens

The Double Standard

Despite Recent Defeats, George Soros Fights against the Deplorables Everywhere

Public School Teachers Cruelly Kill Animals in Front of Class!

Utility Bills Going Down Thanks to Trump

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