Friday, June 15, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, June 15, 2018

California Goes Cuckoo! State-Splitting Ballot Measure Coming in November

Trump Identifies #1 Enemy of United States

Anti-Trump Democrat Booted from Ballot Due to Forged Signatures

Best Ever Response to Argument Against Arming Teachers

New York Times Biased Anti-Gun Headline

California Rep. McCarthy Says Conservatives Getting Vocal About Online Censorship

Mueller Making Last Ditch Effort?

Happy Birthday to the American Flag!

One Less Opportunity for the Democrats to Cheat

Defining Deep State – How Unelected Bureaucrats Run our Lives

Disruptive Die-In Stunts Reach The Hill As Progressive Panicking Peaks

Deerfield’s Despotism Delayed By Constitution and Conservative Court

The Mexican Election Is a “Mad Max” Nightmare

Law Professor Blasts Syracuse University for ‘Betraying’ Free Speech

The Republicans Cave to Donor Immigration Wishes

Two Guys With Weird Haircuts Make History

A Good Start – Peace in Korea?

American Medical Association Jumps on Anti-Gun Bandwagon In A Big Way

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