Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Why Do Illegal Aliens & Their Kids Deserve Special Treatment Over US Citizens?

Is This Hillary Flunky’s Cryptic Tweet A Subtle Hint at His 2020 Vision?

WARNING: Dem Pushing Bill to Leave Families Defenseless against Home Intruders

Ryan’s Amnesty Bill to Put Thousands of Anchor Babies on Welfare

Rep. Gowdy Threatens DOJ & FBI

Democrats in Terror as Trump Poll Numbers Continue to Rise

60,000 DACA Illegals with Arrest Records Allowed to Stay in US Under Obama

FBI Negligence Revealed in Horowitz Report on Clinton Email Probe

Should the Mueller Investigation be Ended?

The IG Report is Hiding the Truth

Sen. John Kennedy Sticks up For Second Amendment in BIG WAY

Bush, Dems Cultivate Hysteria to End Border Enforcement

Another Mueller Team Member Exposed as Biased NeverTrumper

A Case for America’s Goodness

Intuit’s Aggressive Anti-Gun Policy Has Shops Asking Congress for Help

The Fool’s Errand?

Five Ironies from the IG Clinton Investigation Report

Knockout Game Player Blinds Old Woman, Flees

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