Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cali Cops Furious Over Life-Threatening Decision From State Government

Why Do Illegal Aliens & Their Kids Deserve Special Treatment Over US Citizens?

60,000 DACA Illegals with Arrest Records Allowed to Stay in US Under Obama

Trump Withdrawing from UN Human Rights Council

Strzok To Testify Before Congress but NOT Why You Think

Bannon Predicts Big GOP Victory in November

Gun Control Responsible for Skyrocketing Gun Thefts

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Great Response to Laura Bush’s Criticism of Separating Illegal Families

Mueller’s Messed Up Mine Field

Millennial’s Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

Hip Hop Star Chastises Crowd’s Snowflake Reaction to Gun Shot Samples

Trump Is Still Working to Kill Obamacare

FBI thought Clinton was Guilty as Sin, Let Her Go Anyway

The Mueller Investigation is Dead

Why Political Correctness is so Dangerous

Hillary Shills for ‘NECESSARY’ Gun Control as 2020 Looms on Horizon

Clearing Up the Lies and Half-Truths about the ‘Child Separation’ Policy

Obama’s Scandalous ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency’s Mother of All Scandals

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