Friday, June 22, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, June 22, 2018

Hillary Clinton Lectures America and Trump on Illegal Immigration

Twitter Found Complicit in Social Media Death Threats Against ICE Agents

Trump Must Draw a Red Line in the Sand 

Delusion of Strzok Attorney

Trump Uses Exec. Order to Appease Immigration Critics

Mexico Proves Banning Gun Stores Doesn’t Work

Bloomberg Spending $80 Million to Help Dems Win Back House

Hundreds of FBI Agents Paid Bribes by CNN, NBC, NY Times and More

Obama Appointed Judge Rules to Endanger Lives of Women

Trump Must Draw a Red Line

Our “Members Only” Judges

More Threats Reach D.C. From Deranged and Dangerous Democrats

The Dangerous Leftist Belief Called Intersectionality

3 of 5 FBI People Nailed in IG Report Ended Part of Mueller Team

“Lock Her Up!”

Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Peter Fonda and Media Incitement!

Kansas AG Hopeful’s Violent, Anti-Police Imagery Sparks Controversy

Hateful Southern Poverty Law Center Forced to Pay Millions for Labeling Group as ‘Bigoted’

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