Sunday, June 24, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, June 24, 2018

Facebook Allows Fake News to Raise Millions for Illegal Immigrants

Every Picture Tells A Story – Of The Fake News Media

Trump Effect Number 924: American Bald Eagles Flourishing in 2018

Progressive’s Prosperous Paydays Pumps Personal Wealth Preposterously

Did POTUS Just Give Q Anon Conspiracy Theorists A Wink and Nod?

Media Lies about Photo to Push Anti-Trump Immigration Agenda

Supreme Court Votes to Make Online Shopping More Expensive

Deerfield Amends Assault Weapon Ban to Include all Large Capacity Magazines

VP Pence Fires Up the Southern Baptist Convention

DeNiro Uses a Coward’s Tactic

What Has the Supreme Court Done for Conservatives?

Did Susan Rice Allow the Russians to Meddle? Obama’s Cyber Chief says Yes!

Ohio’s GOP Governor Against Bill to Allow Citizens to Protect Themselves

If your baby is born with the Zika Virus say, “Thanks, Obama”

VP Pence Praises America’s Hispanic Christian Community

Playing Politics on the Border: How the RINOs and the Democrats are Distracting Us

Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Care about the Kids, He Cares about Scoring Political Points

Necessary Tweaks Come to Unnecessary – But FUN – Chainsaw Bayonet

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