Thursday, June 28, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, June 28, 2018

HUGE Supreme Court Victory for Trump

Federal Judge’s Ruling on Border Separation A Slap in The Face To POTUS

Have We Finally Found a Democrat Red Line? 

Gun Control Debate Was Ended When?

Lawsuit filed Against Trump Administration for Obama Era Practices

Americans Fed Up with Hypocrisy of Leftists

Deep State Obstruction of Congress and Justice Continues

Have Maxine Waters and Her Socialist Clique Fired the First Shot of the 2nd American Revolution?

A Great American: Melania Trump

Timmons Trumps Bright in Advancing the Conservative Agenda

Kyle Kashuv Poised To Educate Classmates on 2nd Amendment

Oregon Car Dealership Adds Constitutional Caveat for Customers

Obama Wants Google to Manipulate News, and the Media Agrees

Federal Judge Orders Illegal Immigrant Families Reunified

Red Hen Owner Kicks Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Kids from Restaurant

Today’s Red Hen Is Tomorrow’s Chicken Soup….

Liberals Complain that Illegal Kids are being Taught English and the Pledge of Allegiance!

Gun Sales Data Proves Liberals Don’t REALLY Want A Civil War

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