Saturday, June 30, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, June 30, 2018

Liberals Blame Trump for Newspaper Shooting FOR NO REASON

Asinine ‘OCCUPY ICE’ Movement Fails Before It Even Begins

Rogue Wikipedia Wizards Whip Up Hitler Comparisons on ICE Article

Supreme Court Stops Union Extortion

Applauding The Donald’s Ongoing Creative Destruction

Pentagon Prepping Population for “Deepfake” Video Hoaxes

Maxine Waters Complains After Getting a Taste of Own Medicine

Federal Judge Gives DOJ Deadline

Not Funny: Comedy Central Writer Wishes Someone would have Shot Justice Kennedy

What is the Definition of Civility?

Huffington Post Says Gun Control Gone with Retirement of Justice Kennedy

EU Migrant Policy Might Improve

DOJ was Negotiating Immunity with Assange, but Comey Killed It!

“Pick the Target, Freeze it, Personalize it, and Polarize it”…. Do You Realize the Target is You?

Pro-Gun Group Prevails in Facebook Experiment

Melania Trump Visits Arizona Border Patrol Center

God Has No Opinions and His Children are not Bigots

It’s Our Time

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