Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Democrat-Controlled Commie-Fornia’s New Water Rules are LUDICROUS!

Supreme Court Upholds Religious Rights

Democrats Could Lose Key Senate Seat in November

Bernie Sanders Still Pushing His Dangerous Socialistic Views

Is Trump’s Tough Trade Talk Working?

Here Comes the Wall!

President Trump’s Amazing 500 Day Report Card

Someone Send New York’s Attorney General Needs back to Law School 

David Hogg Tries Repulsive Rockstar Routine, Heading on Summer “Tour”

HuffPost Ruins Family because They Didn’t Like a Woman’s Tweets

Governor Moonbeam Changes President’s Day to…

Alabama Public Schools Preparing for Pistol Packing Professors

20% of Deaths among Young Americans Due to Opioids

Joy Reid Caught Trashing Mexicans, Jews, and Christians Too!

Replica Gun in ‘Shawnee Days’ Parade Throws Leftist Trolls Into A Tizzy

Little by Little, the Wall is Being Built

Media: STDs Run Wild because We Don’t Talk about Sex Enough

Calling Out Liberal Hypocrisy Doesn’t Mean Needing to Defend Roseanne

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