Friday, June 8, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, June 8, 2018

Joy Reid’s Violence and Homophobia Exposed by Former Colleagues

Did Senate Uncover More Evidence of Possible Treason by Obama Admin?

Volcano About to Erupt in Washington DC

Trump Signs Bill to Help Veterans with Healthcare Choices

School District Rebuked 2 Marines for Wearing Dress Uniforms at Graduation Ceremony

Trump Commutes Sentence after Kim Kardashian West Meets with Him

The Uses of Children

‘Spygate’ was All about getting Trump ‘Dirty’

David Hogg Gets INSANE Challenge from Kent State’s Kaitlin Bennett

Clinton and Trump – Media tells Different Stories on Presidential Pardon Power

Half-Truths about Islam

Democrats Did Not Fare as Well As Hoped in Tuesday’s California Primary

GOV’T GONE WILD! Will North Carolina Become The Next California?

Trump Administration Turns Up the Heat, Prosecution of Illegals Surges

Paul Ryan Sides with FBI against Trump, Conservatives

Squirrels, The Chase Is On

Air Force One’s Refrigerator Replacement Bill is RIDICULOUS!

Obama Administration Gave Iran Permission to Illegally Launder Money

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