Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Left Gears Up to Destroy Trump’s Supreme Court Pick… ANY Supreme Court Pick

San Francisco’s Squalor Strips City of Lucrative Convention Cashflow

Mitch McConnell CHASED From Restaurant by Radical Leftists

Boston Stops Pretending: Wants to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote!

Increased Hurricane Flooding Due to Climate Change

Pelosi’s Latest Claim About 2018 Midterms Is Her Most Absurd Yet

Kellyanne Conway is The Latest Victim of Radical Left’s #MAGAMETOO Anger

Obama’s Love for Illegal Aliens Destroying Lives of Legal Patriotic Immigrants

The Left’s Attempted Attack on Jim Jordan

Not the South, but the Confederacy Rises Again!

Global Warming Hoaxers Get Bad News From Antarctic Volcano

Hollywood Garbage Coming to a Theater Near You

Surprise! Iran No Longer Harassing US Ships

The Supreme Court has Ruled and Conservative Values have been Upheld

Is China Stealthily Attacking American Citizens Abroad?

President Trump: SCOTUS is Supposed to Interpret the Constitution, NOT Reinvent it!

EPA Chief’s Resignation was Death by a Thousand Cuts

Clinton Running in 2020?

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