Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pelosi’s Latest Claim About 2018 Midterms Is Her Most Absurd Yet

San Francisco’s Squalor Strips City of Lucrative Convention Cashflow

Mitch McConnell CHASED From Restaurant by Radical Leftists

Obama’s Love for Illegal Aliens Destroying Lives of Legal Patriotic Immigrants

Lib Meltdown on SCOTUS Hits Treacherous New Heights: DICTATORSHIP?

Trump Working on Second Tax Reform Measure

Hawaii Proves Danger of Firearm Safe Storage Laws

Separating Illegal Families Fault of Parents!

President Trump Surprises Pundits with Supreme Court Choice

Mueller Will Fail

Newly Released Footage Shows Massive Scope of Nuke Testing During 60’s

The Most Corrupt Investigation Ever?

Here are 5 of Scott Pruitt’s Biggest Achievements at the EPA

Obama’s Fruits

California’s Latest “Assault” Weapon Stunt Could Put Hamper on Military

Store Owner Calls Police on Maxine Waters Disciple

What Is the Answer to School Illiteracy?

Choose Pro-Life for Justice Kennedy’s Replacement

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