Thursday, July 12, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, July 12, 2018

Obama Economy HARPOONED By U.S.S. Donald Trump, Poll Shows

Horrendous HOA Policy Forces Patriotic Veteran to Sell Home!

Lib Meltdown on SCOTUS Hits Treacherous New Heights: DICTATORSHIP?

Boston Wants to Give Non-Citizens the Right to Vote

LGBTQ Rights Are More Special Than Yours 

British Commando K-9 Celebrated After HARROWING Attack on ISIS

Why Pastors Should be Armed

Democrats Have ZERO Grounds to Make Any Accusations Against Trump

Mueller is Destined to Fail

Only Uncle Tom Celebrating July 4th

1st Amendment Saves 2nd Amendment in Fight For 3D Printed Firearms

Bombshell: Obama could have Crippled Global Heroin Trade, Played Politics Instead

The Top Five Craziest Professor Tweets This School Year

Immigrant Mother Wins Free Trip Home

Hawaii Falls to Liberal Leftist Nonsense on Gun Control

Red State Prosperity! Texas Named Business Top State

Study Confirms Trump – Illegals Commit Twice as Many Crimes as Americans in Arizona

Elizabeth Warren Run against Trump in 2020?

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