Saturday, July 14, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bad News for Global Warming Buffs

Rod Rosenstein Drops A Dozen New Indictments Against Russian Hackers

The Democrats Anointed One

Media Attacks ‘Trump’s America’ and ‘White People’ for Crime Committed by Black Woman

SCOTUS Nominee says ‘Judge must Interpret, Not make the Law’

European “Resistance” Protesters Embarrass Themselves with NATO No-Shows

Man Fired for Stopping Gun Thief

Strzok Says Okay for FBI Agents to Commit Adultery

The New War?

Is Anti-Trump Media Trying to Trap President to Make Him Look Weak?

Little House on the Prairie Now Declared Racist/Homophobic

Shannon Watts Admits Constitutionality Doesn’t Mean What It Means

Fake News Media Promotes Censorship

The Most Important Issue of our Time, and Nobody is Talking about It

Steve Deace on Political ‘Adulting’

FBI Adding 400 Million Records to NICS Database

Judge Kavanaugh and Roe V. Wade

Trump Thumps NATO, NATO Bows the Knee

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