Sunday, July 15, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, July 15, 2018

Is Anti-Trump Media Trying to Trap President to Make Him Look Weak?

WATCH: Radical Leftists Caught Using Racial Slur to Disparage ICE Officers

Dennis Marcellino: Abortion Is Not A Right … It’s Criminal

California DOJ Suspends New Law Requiring Registering of ‘Assault Weapons’

Deranged Democrats Want POTUS To Punt Putin Pow-Wow for Now

Veteran Has Strong Words After Ridiculous Statement on Strzok Hearing

Media & Dems Sling Mud Kavanaugh in Absence of Damaging Dirt

Shannon Watts Admits Constitutionality Doesn’t Mean What It Means

The New War?

Has President Trump Chosen ‘the Best of the Best’?

Little House on the Prairie Now Declared Racist/Homophobic

Judge Kavanaugh and Roe V. Wade

FBI Adding 400 Million Records to NICS Database

The Most Important Issue of our Time, and Nobody is Talking about It

Do the Brits Love Trump?

The Democratic Party has Devolved into Self-Centered Ego Maniacs Who Hate America

Trump Thumps NATO, NATO Bows the Knee

Virginia Takes Aim at School Safety Common Sense Solution

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