Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trump 2020 Outsiders Raise MILLIONS in Unbelievable Way

Trump Shocks World by Declaring European Union as a Trade Foe

Anti-Immigrant Politicians Gaining in Popularity but Not in US

Banning Plastic Straws Only the Latest Globaloney Nonsense

Posthumous Anthony Bourdain Interview Has Clintons Running for Cover

North Korea, Like Iran, Proving It Can’t Be Trusted

CBS Goes to Border, Realizes that Illegal Immigration is a Problem

Media Declared Putin Victor in Meeting with Trump BEFORE Meeting Took Place

Is Judge Kavanaugh the Best We Could Do?

On the Russia Indictments and Why Universal Basic Income is a Crock

California “Bullet Button” Ban Will Be Headed To Court After Lawsuit

Examining the ‘Top’ 3 Democrat Presidential Hopefuls for 2020

Surprise! Hillary’s Emails Did Get Sent to a ‘Foreign Entity’

Fixing Roe vs Wade

Illinois’ Gun Problem Getting Help with Firearm “Sanctuary” Cities

Robert Mueller Is Still Targeting Trump

The Exodus of 1947

Trump Calls the European Union a Foe and Competitor

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