Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Putin Offers Cooperation with Mueller Probe

Extent of Voting Machine Malfeasance Revealed in Bombshell Report

Trump 2020 Outsiders Raise MILLIONS in Unbelievable Way

IRS Revoking Passports for Not Paying Taxes

Russia Ready to Retaliate with Indictments Against Americans

Convicted Murderer Running for US Senate

Liberal Uber Driver’s Resistance Stunt Highlights Anti-Right Discrimination

Media Declared Putin Victor in Meeting with Trump BEFORE Meeting Took Place

Anti-Trump Backlash Sign of America’s Impending Collapse

Is Affirmative Action Racist?

On the Russia Indictments and Why Universal Basic Income is a Crock

SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh Drops HUGE Statement on 2A Support

Leftwing Mob Leader Gets Run Off by Leftwing Mob

Fixing Roe vs Wade

Is Trump Disappointed in Media Reaction?

Borat Buffoon Catches Major Flak Over STOLEN VALOR Showtime Stunt

San Diego Chainsaw Attacker is an 11x Deported Illegal Alien

Clinton Crony Fantasizes about Beating ‘The Crap’ Out of Rand Paul

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