Thursday, July 19, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, July 19, 2018

Extent of Voting Machine Malfeasance Revealed in Bombshell Report

Two More Christians Charged with Refusing to Provide Service for Same-Sex Wedding

Donald Trump – The Sour Patch President

Guess What Happened When Liberal Media Visited Border?

Media’s Newest Lie: NRA, Donald Trump Duped by ‘Russian Spy’

Nobel Prizes May be No More Due to Scandal

Liberal Uber Driver’s Resistance Stunt Highlights Anti-Right Discrimination

Did Obama’s Ambassador to Russia Help Incite Anti-Putin Demonstrations?

The Not-So-Clean Rod Rosenstein

Governments Axing Wild Animal Protections

SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: Vegas Cop Involved in Wild, Movie-Worthy Shootout

The Anti-American Socialists Attack

The Crock that is Universal Basic Income

Democrats Spend Heavy on Lie-Filled Ads Early

Leftist Newspaper Misrepresents Firearms in Anti-Gun Piece

The Democratic Base Is Demanding the Destruction of the Democrat Party

Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation Moving Ahead Smoothly

Trump Destroys the World – AGAIN – for the Umpteenth Time!

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