Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What DID The Russians Do To ‘Meddle’ in Our Elections? Not Much At All

Democrat Inspired Youth Vandalizes Memorial of Navy SEAL Medal of Honor Recipient

Federal Judge Deals HUGE Blow to Mueller Prosecution of Manafort

CLIMATE HOAX MELTDOWN: Gallup Poll Proves America’s Jaded Outlook

POTUS Puts Tehran on Notice with ALL CAPS Twitter Tirade

President Trump’s Words are Just That…Words 

POTUS Pounces on Deep State Holdovers, Considers Clearance Revocations

Socialist Plan to Bankrupt America Hitting Campaign Trail

Democrat Darling Proves Her Incompetence

Obama’s Cybersecurity Ordered to Stand Down on Russian Election Meddling

Trump Promises to be Putin’s Worst Enemy – If He has to Be

Louis L’Amour: Western Writer and Western Principles

The End of Gun Control is Here, Thanks to 3D Printing

Whoopi Goldberg Throws Fit, Expels Judge Jeanine Pirro Off the Set of ‘The View’

The Best Way to Buy Precious Metals

Has Mueller Found Any Collusion?

George Bush Senior’s Heart Doctor Killed in Bizarre Bicycle Drive-By

Surprise! Bernie’s Chief of Staff Contacted Russian Spy before Joining Campaign!

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