Thursday, July 26, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, July 26, 2018

NFL Still Struggling With Star Spangled Sitters Only DAYS From Kickoff

Hillary Health Concerns Reach ALARMING New Peak As America Notices…

Sometimes Memes Explain Russiagate Better Than Words

Liberals Agree – Trump Tougher on Putin than Obama Was

Federal Court Rules That Americans CAN Carry Firearms in Public, Gun Banners Hardest Hit

Guess How Much Negative Press Trump Received on Immigration?

Major City Newspaper Dared to Suggest the Worst for Trump

How the GOP Could Sweep the 2018 Elections

With Republican Friends Like these… Who Needs Democrats?

Democrats are not Capable of Civil Discourse Because They Must Lie

Toronto Mayor Has Predictably Pathetic Opinion After Public Tragedy

PBS is the Un-American Classroom

Obama Pal Faces Federal Investigation

I’ll Show You My Notes, If You’ll Show Me Yours, Continued…

Appeals Court Drops ENORMOUS Ruling on Second Amendment!

Trump Impervious to Media Propaganda

10 Things I Learned From The 1st Half Of The Carter Page FISA Warrant

Media Pushes Lesbian Fake Science

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