Saturday, July 28, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trump’s Hollywood Star is The Site of Yet Another Bizarre Altercation

After Her Latest Statement on Immigration, Sassy Socialist Starlet is FINISHED

Nancy Pelosi’s Description of 9/11 Has Victims and Patriots FUMING!

Trump Vows to Probe Twitter’s Illegal GOP Shadow Banning

KREMLIN CONFAB? Putin Invites POTUS for Pow-Wow in Moscow

Liberal Poll Shows Voters Scared, But Not By What You Think

Call to Ban Electronic Voting Systems by Member of House

Pelosi Creates Firestorm with 9/11 Remark

Leaker, Liar, or Liberal – All of the Above

I’ll Show You My Notes, If You’ll Show Me Yours, Continued…

NH Gun Group Blasts GOP Head for Giving Business to Anti-Gun Dem Donor

L.A. “Creative Resistance” Is a Destructive Temper Tantrum

Why does the West Fear Putin?

Obligations which attend to Rights

Illegal Alien and 3 Felons Arrested for Firearms Possession

A Compassionate Response to the Transgender Problem

Why Do The Rich Want Socialism?

Was the Trump-Putin Summit a Good Idea?

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