Sunday, July 29, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, July 29, 2018

PHILLY’S FILTHY FIGHT: City of Brotherly Love Ramps Up ‘Resistance’

Self Proclaimed ‘Activist’ Handler Implores Twitter to Trash First Amendment

CBS’ #MeToo Moment Has Arrived, Sealing Liberal Losing Streak

Social Media Free Speech Fight Targets Alex Jones For 2nd Time This Week!

CBS Chairman/CEO Next Victim of Me Too Movement

Responding to Democrat Critic

Amazon Face Recognition Causes Mass Confusion

Was the Trump-Putin Summit a Good Idea?

NH Gun Group Blasts GOP Head for Giving Business to Anti-Gun Dem Donor

CBS Chairman Accused of #MeToo Wrongdoing

Trump Warns Putin – I’ll be Your Worst Enemy

Illegal Alien and 3 Felons Arrested for Firearms Possession

Democrats: The Sky is Falling, It’s the End of America, and Trump is a Treasonous Russian Sympathizer

Mattis Backs Trump Iran Play

The Cost of Censorship in Trump’s America

The Washington Cesspool is Still a Cesspool!

Israel-Syria Tension Rises

Columbian Drug Cartel’s Latest “Bounty” is Truly Bizarre

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