Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Anti-Violence Protesters Increase Death Threats Against Trump Admin

Well Done President Trump

Anti-American Leftist Wins Presidency of Mexico

Trump Defuses #1 Objection to SCOTUS Selection

Failing and Flummoxed FBI Haunted By Curse of Comey in Cartel Kerfuffle

Yet Another Progressive Pundit Pushes for Harassment of Sarah Sanders

Twice Targeted Rand Paul Threatened with Family’s Dismemberment

Democratic Party Having Internal Meltdown

Restaurant Manager Tries Denying MAGA Customer, Gets His Just Desserts

Pro-Life Victory in Ohio?

Cleveland’s Fourth of July Caliphate Calamity Curbed by Cops

Rockstar Attacked for Singing at White House 4th of July

Democrats Are Racists

Reporter Gets Rocked After Reckless Fake News About Annapolis

America’s Real Independence Day is July 2nd

Did The DPRK’s Dainty Despot Double-Cross The Donald?

Are The Traitors Winning?

NBC Liberal Admits Trump is ‘Winning’

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