Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Aging Justice Makes Bold Claim About Future in Order to Disparage The Donald

More MAGA Hat Discrimination, But This Time It BACKFIRES BIG TIME

Trump Tower Meeting Hysteria is ALREADY A Nothing-Burger, With Extra Cheese

Dem’s Mythical ‘Blue Wave’ Will Be No Match for Trump’s Ginormous GREEN WAVE

‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ is The Latest Millennial Malady Being Diagnosed

Media Who Picks on Trump Tells Trump Not to Pick on Them

‘Made in America’ isn’t a Slogan… It’s a ‘Way of Life’

Save the Terrorists – Kill the Babies

Will Racism Cause Nation & States to Change Name of Capitals?

Bernie’s FREE Medicare has $32.6 Trillion Price Tag

Roseanne Speaks – Defends Trump and His Supporters!

Incoming Mexican President Vows to Cooperate With Trump

Georgia Man Skates on Marijuana Charge After Jury Sides with Him

That’s No Puppet

The Treason of Trump and Obama

TSA Spy Program Finally Revealed: “Quiet Skies”

Tucker Carlson Comes to Alex Jones’ Side in 1st Amendment Fracas

Trump Supporter Goes to Commie Camp

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