Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Failing and Flummoxed FBI Haunted By Curse of Comey in Cartel Kerfuffle

ACLU Admits Views Not In Line with US Constitution

WALMART GONE WILD: Anti-Trump Baby Clothes Spur BIG TIME Boycott

Yet Another Progressive Pundit Pushes for Harassment of Sarah Sanders

Twice Targeted Rand Paul Threatened with Family’s Dismemberment

CREATED EQUAL: Trump Takes A Bite Out of Obama’s Race-First Education Policy

TOLD YOU SO, TREE HUGGERS! Trump is Good News for The Environment

July 4 – Forgotten Sacrifices

How Democrats Do

Business Tells Customers to ‘Pull Up their Pants’!

China’s Latest Laser Weapon Invisible, Silent, and Deadly From 800 Meters

Anyone Surprised Gmail Privacy Is Lacking?

Trump Stands Up To Saudi Arabia, Demands more Oil

Remembering Calvin Coolidge

Yet Another Huntress Harassed After Taking Down Unique Trophy

Who Will Trump Nominate as the Next Supreme Court Justice?

Meet the Most Hypocritical Political Flack in Congress

Will Oil Prices Fall before the Midterms?

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