Friday, July 6, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, July 6, 2018

Who Died and Made the Supreme Court God?

European Union Turns Down China’s Offer to Form Anti-American Trade Partnership

VIDEO: Vegas Massacre Cops Just As Cowardly as Broward County

Leftwing Media Elitist calls Ben Shapiro ‘The Jew Who Helps Other Jews Onto the Train’

Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Unions Could Impact Midterm Elections

California Destruction or Salvation Moves Forward

McConnell Reveals Impotence of Congress

Obama Waging a Coup?

Democrats: the Party of Racism?

Happy Independence Day: Our Forgotten Founding

Independence Day is “A Sham, Always Has Been” According To…

Massachusetts Has Effectively Repealed The Second Amendment

Tech Giants Fight over How Best to Hack Midterm Elections

DOJ Decides Not to Prosecute Democrat IT Team, but Questions Remain

Primary Upset Shows Red Innards

PROOF! Facebook rejected Pro-America Christian July 4th music video for “political content”

Congress Promised a Border Fence in 2006 – Where Is It?

As Leftist Immigration Imbeciles Spout Nonsense, 14K Become Americans

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