Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, August 1, 2018

‘Made in America’ isn’t a Slogan… It’s a ‘Way of Life’

BEYOND BOLD: President Trump Puts “The Powers That Be” ON NOTICE!

Violence-Ridden Chiraq Preps for Antifa Takeover, Rahm Emanuel Targeted!

More MAGA Hat Discrimination, But This Time It BACKFIRES BIG TIME

Democrats Given Technical Term for Reaction to Trump Win

Will Racism Cause Nation & States to Change Name of Capitals?

Trump Wants $716 Billion to Rebuild Military

Minneapolis Shooting Proves Obama Inspired Racism Still Raging

Poll Shows Americans Tired of Mainstream Media’s Negativity towards Trump

Mueller Walks in Fear

The Constitutional Role of Clergy

Democrats File Lawsuit Against POTUS to Stop Expansion of 2A!

Mueller’s Deepest Fear

Amazon’s Monopoly is Unprecedented

Midterm Elections: Are Republicans In Trouble?

FLORIDA GOES THERE: Gun Confiscation Begins with 450 Residents

Hawaii’s GOP Rebuilding with Minority Leadership

Is American Obsession with Sex Creeping into the Church?

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