Monday, August 13, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump Accuses Media of Biggest Coverup of Our Time

Charlottesville Real Villain is the Media

Bongino Says Pelosi Is ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’

Why It Matters That Christopher Steele Practically Begged To Work With Mueller

Corporate Sin

Man Arrested After Putting INSANE Bounty on ICE Agents’ Heads

Six Ways our Government is Failing Us

Leftists Admit They Want to Abolish the Constitution

A Parkland Parent’s Heartfelt Plea For Help Rocks the Liberal Narrative

Here We Go Again: Experts Uncover Another Disturbing Case Of VOTER FRAUD?

Democrat Lawmaker Busted Red Handed On Video Stealing This…

Mad Thoughts” How To Steal An Election, Democrat Style

Iran Pulls Sordid Stunt Just Hours Away from New US Sanctions

Open Letter to President Trump Concerning the Media, US Search Engines, and Social Media

Voters lagging in Midterms because GOP support for Trump lags

Creepy Porn Star Lawyer Avenatti Thinks People Want Him to Run for President

Here’s What Voters Need To Know For The GOP To Do Well In Midterms

Most Liberal Court in Land Issues Anti-Second Amendment Ruling AGAIN!

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