Friday, August 3, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, August 3, 2018

MORE GOVERNMENT, PLEASE: 2K+ Teachers in NC Can’t Do Basic Math

Mitch McConnell Makes Surprise Announcement on Border Wall!

Police Refuse to Respond to 911 Calls for Help by ICE Employees

Seth Rich Lawsuit THROWN OUT by Federal Judge!

California Cities Discriminating Against Businesses over Border Wall

Misleading Income Tax Headlines Used to Scare Voters

Anti-Gun Reporter Tries Lay Guilt Trip on Wrong Person

Court Says Unconstitutional for Trump to Punish Cities Violating Federal Laws

Black Pastor Says Trump Most Pro-Black President He’s Ever Known

Lawsuit Claims Mayor Ordered Police to Aim Pro-Trump Supporters into Violent Mob

Mad Maxine Waters Hit With FEC Ethics Complaint

The Constitutional Role of Clergy

Manafort Trial Begins With A Low Key Whimper From Mueller

House Republicans Still Backing Down to Democrats

Amazon’s Monopoly is Unprecedented

Payrolls Grew More Than Expected!

The Almighty NRA Weighs in On Current 3D Printed Gun Scenario

Should We Rally Around ‘No Taxation Without Representation’?

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