Saturday, August 4, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, August 4, 2018

TRUMP EFFECT: Employment Numbers Rise to Unprecedented Levels

Ocasio-Cortez’s Previous Stances on Capitalism, Feminism SHOCKS Dems

Mueller’s Hat Problem

Blockade of Protesters Arrested After SWAT Descends on ICE Facility

ROAD RAGE or CIVIL WAR? MAGA-Prejudice Strikes Again!

First Daughter Disagrees with Dad about Media

Dems Sue Trump for Obama-like Actions

Vice President Pence Slams Media for Not Covering Fallen Soldiers Returning From North Korea

Trump Rallies His Base in Pennsylvania!

Jim Acosta Acts Unprofessional, Sanders Slams His Hypocrisy

Entire Under-Fundeded Police Force Will WALK AWAY From MA City

Democrats Want Obstruction Charges After Trump’s Twitter Tirade

Trump Peace Train Headed Toward Afghanistan?

Carbon tax: The push is on… and its coming from Republicans

Vice President Pence Announces that our Korean War Dead are Finally Coming Home

The Anachronism of Romantic Love

Women of ‘The View’ Argue for Abortion like Slave Owners Argued for Slavery

Q Anon Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream After CNN Promotes It

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