Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Portland Antifa Perps Attack Military Property As “New Civil War” Rages

Twitter Goes Rogue on Candace Owens and Reveals Unbelievable Double Standards

Savings from Imprisoning Illegals will Pay for the Border Wall

As Antifa Attacks Portland, Police In Trouble for Using “Too Much” Force?

Rumors Swirl Over Surprise Guest on Air Force One

Cuomo Goes For The Low Blow – Calls NRA “THE BAD GUYS”

When Will Obama be Charged with Treason?

Why Wasn’t Obama Prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice?

Amtrak Dumps Marines Toy For Tots Program — Making it Harder to Ship Toys for Needy Kids

Hillary and Schiff Colluded with Russia Claims Trump

Why is Maria Butina in Prison?

Parkland Protests May Have Discriminated Against 16 y.o. Activist

Unhinged Leftist Mob Throws Drink On Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens

Rush Limbaugh Praises White House Press Secretary for Putting CNN Hack ‘in His Place’!

NRA Mocks Teen Tyrant For His ‘Armed Security’

Bill Maher Gives Trump A Treasonous New Title, Signaling Trouble Ahead

Dictator Andrew Cuomo Is Trying To Negate Bill Of Rights

BUSTED! Peter Fonda Encourages Voter Fraud

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