Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Terrifying Survey Shows How Americans Have FORGOTTEN Their Rights!

Hillary and Schiff Colluded with Russia Claims Trump

If A “New Civil War” Is Coming, It Will Be For The Fate of The 1st Amendment

Cuomo Goes For The Low Blow – Calls NRA “THE BAD GUYS”

Anarchist Civil War Erupts in Berkeley

Best & Worst States for Concealed Carry

Trump Renews Iran Sanctions Obama Lifted

Survey Reveals Media Lying about Youth & Guns

‘It’s All a Matter of Interpretation’ Or ‘That’s Just Your Interpretation’

What you should understand about a Trump government shutdown

Good Guy With A Gun Ends Mass Shooting Before it Begins

Rosie Falsely Claims Trump Rallies Are Filled With Paid Supporters

President Trump Re-imposes Iran Sanctions, Europe Objects

“California Dreamin!”

Chicago Sees 40 Shot Before Brunch Ended on Sunday

Alleged Sen. Dianne Feinstein Chinese Spy Identified

Turbaned Sikh Man Attacked in California by Liberals While Putting Up Campaign Signs for Republicans

Don Trump Jr. Exposes Left’s Plan to Purge Conservative Media From Internet

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