Monday, September 10, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, September 10, 2018

Jim Carrey’s Hot Take On Socialism Sets America ON FIRE, Has Heads Exploding [WATCH]

After Benghazi Hero RIPS ‘Cowardly’ Obama, Twitter Pulls FASCIST Move & Silences Him

Congressman Gives Dire Warning to Conservatives Who Would Sit Home In November

Mayor of Atlanta Jumps on Resistance Bandwagon With WILD Decree!

Democrat Grandstanding Has Become a Sad Circus

Obama Is Supposed to Be Helping Democrats Going Into Midterms, Instead He Does This? [Video]

Trump Considering Pentagon to Build the Wall: ‘Two Options, Military and Homeland Security’

Democratic Run SuperPAC Files Charges Against Kavanaugh?

Former ICE Director Unloads on Atlanta Mayor’s Latest Actions

Dem Congressional Candidate Arrested for DUI, What He Says Next Is EYE-POPPING

Former White House Strategist Believes President Trump Is Facing a ‘Coup’ [Video]

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Saved Communities $161M , Helped 2M People in 2017

WATCH: This Video of the Reunion Between Father and Son After First Time Apart in Decades Has Gone Viral

BREAKING: Terrorist Nation Threatens U.S. and Trump Over the U.S. Slashing Over $300 Million In Funds

Apple Is Prepping Portal to Help Police Snoop Through Your Smartphone

ALERT: Levi Jeans Just TRASHED Every Conservative In America… BOYCOTT NOW!

Trump RIPS NFL for Historically Low Ratings, Then 2 Players KNEEL for Anthem [Watch]

Bill Maher Calls Off #MeToo Movement to Defend Former Politician

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