Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Democratic CA Senator deceptively edits video of Brett Kavanaugh’s remarks to smear him

[WATCH] Jon Voight Chokes Back Tears After Thanking God for Trump, Adds He’s Not Alone In Hollywood

Former White House Strategist Believes President Trump Is Facing a ‘Coup’ [Video]

Sheriff Furious After FBI Mysteriously Shuts Down Solar Observatory

Democrat Grandstanding Has Become a Sad Circus

Dem Distorted the Law to Push Gun-Control at Kavanaugh Confirmation

BOMBSHELL: Email Shows Google Actively Working AGAINST Trump In 2016 Election

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Owes us an Answer

Obama Is Supposed to Be Helping Democrats Going Into Midterms, Instead He Does This? [Video]

[WATCH] ‘Liberal’ Lawyer Who Voted for Hillary Drops Kavanaugh BOMBSHELL

President Trump’s track record so far completely overruns the Media’s Spin against him

Mayor in US City Takes Nike to Woodshed with MASSIVE BAN!

Jim Carrey’s Gone From Funny Comedian To Unfunny Socialist

With 1 Perfect Tweet, Trump Trolled Obama Harder Than Anyone EVER Has [Video]

The Miami Dolphins’ Wide Receivers Show Solidarity With Kaepernick – Can You Say, ‘Boycott?’

Mad Max Makes A Braggart’s Joke About Threatening Trump Supporters

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Saved Communities $161M , Helped 2M People in 2017

BLIND LEADING THE BLIND: Michael Moore Shuts Down David Hogg

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