Thursday, September 13, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, September 13, 2018

Look Who Was Just Caught Uprooting U.S. Flags & URINATING On Them (PHOTOS)

Trump’s CEA Kevin Hassett Destroys Obama’s Lies On Taking Credit For The Economy (Video)

THAT WAS FAST! Kaepernick Stabs Nike In the Back, Shows True Hypocritical Colors

Say What? Senator Durbin Tells Republicans to Fix Chicago’s Gun Violence?!

Eric Holder’s Four Letter Word to Trump Is DISGRACEFUL, He Should Be Ashamed

WATCH: Son of 9/11 Victim Puts Dems on Blast, Sends STRIKING Message They’ll Never Forget

Will George W. Bush step into the arena again?

President Trump Unafraid! Utters Three Words That Others Won’t

Disgusting: Media, Celebs Use Anniversary of 9/11 to Attack Trump

Eric Holder Makes Ludicrous Suggestion About President Trump

Nancy Pelosi, Booker Chastised at 9/11 Memorial For Using Victims as ‘Props’ (Video)

Just In: Liberal non-profits funneling millions to Democratic governors

Kamala Harris Is Getting A New Reputation In The Senate

THOUSANDS MOLESTED: Catholic Church Stung By Leak in Germany

Bernie Sanders Wants to End Corruption, Forgets Wife Under Federal Investigation for Bank Fraud

“Joe Scarborough should apologize for denigrating our national day of remembrance with his shameful clickbait”

John Kerry Went Above POTUS’ Head to Directly Deal with Iran!

Did Hillary Clinton Purposefully Peddle This Already Debunked Kavanaugh Info?

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