Sunday, September 16, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, September 16, 2018

VIDEO: Obama Wants Voters to Remember ‘Economic Miracle’, Trump Had Nothing to Do With Turn Around

Next Time Obama Trashes Trump, Remind Him of This COSTLY $375,000 Error

WHOA! Manafort Indictment Implicates a few Democrat ‘Big Fish’

Has former Secretary of State John Kerry gone rogue?

Venezuelan Man Savagely SCOLDS Jim Carrey for Embracing Socialism, Lands KO Punch

Pompeo Rips John Kerry and it was PURE GOLD [Video]

Kavanaugh Classmate That Was Named In Letter FIRES BACK!

Harrison Ford Rages Against Climate Change Skeptics: ‘The Future of Humanity is at Stake!’ (Video)

Kavanaugh’s Former Classmates Speak Out, Flummoxing Feinstein

Nunes: Democrats and the media should be worried about release of the information in FISA Documents 

As Hurricane Florence Rages, POTUS Makes Profound Statement

Now He Is Not ‘Spartacus’?

Texas School Board Votes to Remove Hillary From Curriculum

Fake News Infiltrates The Weather Channel as Florence Fizzles

More Questions Emerge as Sunspot Shutdown Silence Grows Louder

Classless Clinton Campaign CAUGHT Pumping $150,000 Leftover Cash Straight to Hillary’s Personal Company

Dianne Feinstein’s Desperate Attempt to Block Kavanaugh’s Nomination Fails

Cuomo Won Primary, But MSM Won’t Say He Pardoned VIOLENT FELONS for Votes

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