Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, September 19, 2018

GAME OVER! Feinstein Nukes Narrative, Says Kavanaugh Accuser IS NOT Being Truthful

Where did Christine Blasey Ford go? Not responding

Did Maxine Just Cross A Line Calling for Action Against POTUS?!

Trump Orders ‘Immediate’ Declassification of FISA Documents, DOJ-FBI Texts

The Wall Street Journal NAILS IT On The Kavanaugh Ambush

Trump Breaks Silence on Swamp-Draining Declassification

Hillary Clinton attempts to lecture the President of the United States on Constitution Day

Rep Jim Jordan “FBI used crushing power of the state to probe Trump campaign based on dossier”

The Accusations Against Judge Kavanaugh Are a Joke

Just How Bad is the Constitutional Crisis of the Russian Hoax?

Explosive Testimony By Lisa Page Reveals Mueller Had No Legal Basis For Investigation (Video)

Just In: Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer Attempting to Impose “Serious Conditions” on Her Testimony

CNN Caught Lying THREE TIMES In 24 Hrs After Claiming ‘CNN Does Not Lie’

Don’t Fall For the Fake News About Momma Kavanaugh

You’re Not Going to Believe Who’s Saying “No Collusion” Now!

CONFIRMED: Kavanaugh Protesters Paid In Cash, & George Soros Is Behind It All

Devin Nunes Gives it Right Back to the Democrats After “Endangering National Security” Remarks

DERANGED! Cali Governor Pushes Trump-pocalypse Nonsense

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