Thursday, September 20, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, September 20, 2018

Major Bombshell By Alleged Abuse Victim of Keith Ellison

The Wall Street Journal NAILS IT On The Kavanaugh Ambush

President Trump Salivates Over Sacking ‘Corrupt’ FBI

BEYOND PARODY! Hillary Rips Trump for Not Following the Law, It’s Comedy GOLD

FBI, DOJ Betray POTUS and We The People in FISA CYA Maneuver

Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses Testimony in Conveniently Timed Declaration

Brennan Calls on Deep State to ‘Push Back Against’ Trump’s Order to Declassify Documents (Video)

Third Kavanaugh Witness Drops BOMBSHELL on Wednesday


Kavanaugh Accuser, Twice Denied by FBI, Gets Ultimatum

This Is What The Democrats Ultimate End Game Is With The Kavanaugh Accusation

Devin Nunes Gives it Right Back to the Democrats After “Endangering National Security” Remarks

A Threat to the GOP That Cannot Be Ignored

Willie Nelson Has A Message For Conservatives That Might Cost Him Ticket Sales

Mike Huckabee Blasts the Media for Honoring Maxine Waters With Award

‘Vote Early, VOTE OFTEN!’ Illinois Dem Urges Supporters to Commit Voter Fraud [WATCH]

The 3rd Person Kavanaugh’s Accuser Said Witnessed Her Claims Just Ruined Her Day

Illegal FOOD STAMP Fraud Exposed In This State

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