Monday, September 24, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, September 24, 2018

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Jumps Into the ‘Kavanaugh Fray’

Kamala Harris DESTROYS Obama’s Legacy In One Tweet, Thought She Was Hitting Trump

Rosenstein Says He Was “Joking”…New York Times Responds

Ben Carson Drops ATOMIC BOMB, Says Socialist-Fueled Plot Behind Kavanaugh Smears

Did McCabe’s Team Plant the Rosenstein Story?

For Some Reason, Hillary Decided to Weigh in on Kavanugh Calamity

President Trump Vows to ‘Get Rid of Lingering Stench’ at Justice Department (Video)

Former WH Press Secretary Says This Is Why Professor Ford Doesn’t Want Outside Counsel

Beto O’Rourke Denies Key Detail in His DIY Arrest…But the Police Report Says Otherwise

There is a “bureaucratic coup” being uncovered against the President of the United States

Did the British Ask President Trump Not To Declassify the Russia Documents?

Trey Gowdy Knows Who’s Really At Risk With the Russian Investigation Documents

Kavanaugh To Provide Senate With Detailed 1982 Calendars That Proves His Whereabouts

‘SHE’S DISGUSTING!’ – Dem Says Kavanaugh Can NEVER Be Confirmed Because He’s Pro-Life & Conservative

Whether or Not Christine Ford is Telling the Truth, the Media is Complicit in a Deceptive Political Ploy

Suspicious Washington Post reporting further undercuts the Ford accusation

Missing Data From The Las Vegas Massacre?

The Respect These Idaho Fifth Graders Show Their School’s Flag Has Gone Viral

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